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Lip Blushing Nashville

Don't worry about your lipstick again

A little bit of color on your lips goes a long way to give you a polished look throughout the day. If you don’t like reapplying lipstick or worrying about touch-ups after a meal, then lip blushing is an excellent option to consider.

This semi-permanent cosmetic treatment uses tiny tattooing needles to place pigments under the surface of your lips. You can choose a full color over the entire surface of the lips, as well as permanent lip liner to create better definition around the edges of your lips.

The goal of lip tattooing is to create a youthful appearance by improving both the color and shape of the lips. Since each person is different, the specific treatment recommendations vary from one patient to the next.

Schedule a consultation with our team, and we will discuss your lip goals. We’ll help you enjoy the ideal treatment for your lips that will last for a few years.